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I got many questions from fans for a special page with ARW recordings. I decided to add this page indeed.

I didn't add a thumbnail link to the ARW page on top of every page, the only link is the picture on the left.

Why .....? I know ABWH is amongst those tours as well, but ABWH is generally seen as Yes in contrast to ARW which can't be seen as Yes because there is an active band Yes at the moment. However, it is so much like the ancient Yes that it really deserves to be part of this website and my collection.

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1975-07-23 - Providence (DGY-REM Remaster)

1976-08-15 - Long Distance Clap - Cicero (Chicago) >>> NEW CORRECTED DATE

1977-12-06 - Pavillon de Paris (letsgo)

1978-10-07 - Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum - 208 Roundabout (different source)

1984-06-29 - Created Out Of Fantasy - Frankfurt

2004-04-30 - A New Dream - Sunrise

2004-06-23 - Frankfurt (freak01)

2016-10-12 - ARW - Seminole Hard Rock - Hollywood (MP4)

2016-10-28 - ARW - Atlantic City (Little Nicky)

2016-10-29 - ARW - Akron (Randy)

2016-11-01 - ARW - New York City (Tapehead2)

2016-11-01 - ARW - New York City (Tapehead2 - RMCH)

2016-11-02 - ARW - Buffalo (geo981010)

2016-11-04 - ARW - New Buffalo (jot 16bit)

2016-11-04 - ARW - New Buffalo (jot 24bit)

2016-11-16 - ARW - Denver (BarnyzFrank Botch 44-16)

2016-11-16 - ARW - Denver (BarnyzFrank Botch 96-24)

2016-11-16 - ARW - Denver (master - in_halen)

2016-11-16 - ARW - Denver (slewofboots)

2016-11-19 - ARW - Las Vegas (jot)

2016-11-20 - ARW - Phoenix (PhxHorn2)



1971-05-09 - For Michelle Marie Moore... - Rome (TTM)

1974-02-17 - Interviews 1971-1974

1974-02-18 - MSG - New York (Without Encore)

1975-07-08 - Nashville Municipal Auditorium

1976-06-18 - Boston Garden

1977-08-25 - Omni Coliseum - Atlanta (sndchaser)

1977-09-23 - PRRP SAE 05 Upgrade Version - Los Angeles

1978-09-16 - Municipal Auditorium - Nashville

1978-10-07 - Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

1979-04-19 - CHUM FM Radio - Interview with Chris Squire - Toronto

1979-05-27 - San Diego Sports Arena

1979-05-31 - Tarrant County Convention Center - Fort Worth

1979-06-20 - Spectrum Arena - Philadelphia

1980-10-11 - The Assembly Hall - Champaign (int. SH)

1980-11-24 - De Montfort Hall - Leicester

1980-11-30 - McDrama - Clever Trevor Refix - Edinburgh

1983-12-09 - 90125 Press Conference - New York City

1997-11-20 - Murat Centre - Indianapolis

1998-04-07 - Arène De Zénith - Lille

1998-06-26 - PNC Bank Arts Center - Holmdel (Mark B)

1998-06-26 - PNC Bank Arts Center - Holmdel (Mark B - RemyRem)

1999-11-30 - F.M. Kirby Center - Wilkes-Barre

1999-12-01 - A.J. Palumbo Center - Pittsburgh

2001-11-10 - Gewandhaus - Leipzig

2001-12-02 - National Indoor Arena - Birmingham

2008-11-26 - Live at Fillmore Detroit

2008-12-17 - Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Hollywood

2011-03-26 - Louisville Palace Theatre (royharper)

2016-07-30 - Tropicana - Atlantic City (MP3)

2016-10-04 - ARW - Perpetual Change - Orlando

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