I have maintained this website for more than 10 years. Over the years - as the site became more popular - the visitors (that means you all) downloaded more than 100 TB each year!! Very busy times.
In a previous announcement I said I wanted to take it easy. Well, that moment has come now: I will retire..

But ... don't worry. I decided to donate the entire website and its content to Forgotten Yesterdays, so the legacy can continu. From now on my collection can be seen on FY, including the opportunity to download all the shows. FY has been renewed, the downloads are integrated into the site.

My website will be online until the end of this year, as well as the Stack clouds. For all those who have helped me with this website in either whatever way, thanks a lot for your cooperation through all the years.

FOR SALE: 2.5" HDD with my entire Yes audio bootleg collection in MP3 or FLAC (only until Dec. 31, 2021)
I can offer you a WD 2.5" HDD (USB 3.0) with my collection of Yes AUDIO bootlegs (incl. ARW).
It contains my entire collection (up to Aug 7, 2020) of over 2300 AUDIO bootlegs (> 35,000 songs).
The bootlegs are divided in separate well-arranged tour folders, same as the website and the Stack cloud.
Also on the HDD: a local version of my website 'Songs Of The Earth'.

I can offer an audio MP3 HDD for €100 excl. shipping costs (Europe: €15,50, UK: €21,00, other: €31,80).
Note: Transferring via PayPal will cost a few euros more because PayPal charges extra commission fees.

Interested in this extensive collection as a reference work? ... Want FLAC or video? Send an e-mail.

Yes featuring ..... Jon Anderson - Trevor Rabin - Rick Wakeman


There is no thumbnail to the ARW page on top of every page, the only link to it is the picture on the left.

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